i wrote down some encouragement to draw things, mostly with myself as the intended audience, but maybe you will find it inspiring too.

Draw something! Even if, especially if, you don't think of yourself as someone who draws, even if you "can't draw" -- unless that's literally true, of course -- if you can hold a mark-making device to a piece of paper or move your finger across a touchscreen, and exercise relatively predictable muscular control, you can draw.

Draw what? Draw something you see, draw your own face from a mirror, draw a cup of coffee, a chair, a friend, a stranger. Draw an object you use every day from memory, then draw it from reference and compare.

Don't worry! Get the proportions wrong. Mess up the perspective lines. Fill in too much detail over here and ignore the parts you find boring. Ignore any metrics of drawing quality you may've learned that make you feel insecure about drawing -- even though in time you may return to their wisdom -- and just focus on the process.

Draw your room and all the things in it. Draw a place you've never seen but wish you could. Draw your favorite animal. Draw a made-up animal. Draw what you had for breakfast. Draw the hand you're not drawing with. Then draw the other hand with that hand.

Draw the things you got in trouble for drawing in school: naked people or disembodied genitals or weapons or blood'n'guts or big scary monsters. The things you're fascinated by or afraid of, the things you can't talk about.

Draw something with a friend: get a piece of paper and fold it into thirds, then draw the head of a monster on the top third and extend the neck lines down to the middle panel and hand it to your friend, who should draw the monster's body without looking at the head. When your friend hands it back, you should have the third panel with leg lines. Draw the legs and unfold the paper. This collaboration technique is called Exquisite Corpse.

Draw something with several friends: get a piece of butcher paper and cover a table and give everyone different colored pens and draw whatever comes to mind. Draw on each other's drawings, or draw things that interact with what your friends drew: a bigger fish to eat their fish; a dangling vine for a falling monkey; a worthy foe to face a warrior.

Draw something digital, like a user interface or a videogame character.

Draw something organic, a plant or an animal or a boulder; draw something manufactured and geometric, like a toaster or a printer.

Draw something very quickly: a 30-second gesture drawing.

Draw something meticulously over the course of an hour, filling in every detail, getting the shading right, maybe adding color.

For the meticulous drawing, you can do it the way you're supposed to, by blocking out the page in rough shapes first with pencil and positioning everything just right. Or you can just start in one corner and fill in the page with whatever's adjacent to the last thing you drew, and laugh at the proportions that result (or admire your intuitions if you got it right).

Draw nonsensical scribbles; let your hand flow however it wants.

Draw fonts and alphabets. Draw words you like; draw banners and pretty lines around them. Draw pictures and words together. Draw people with speech bubbles or boxes of text narrating their actions. Draw scenes in boxes one after the other. Yay, you're making comics!

Draw with the pens or pencils you happen to have lying around, or break out your old art supplies you never use and draw with charcoal and colored pencils and brush pens. Draw with the crayons and cheap markers they make for kids (if you have kids, make sure to share). Draw with a tablet and stylus if you have one. Draw with fingerpaint or ink and brush or pastels
or oil pastels or watercolors or oil paints (okay, maybe now you're "painting", but that counts too).

Draw something! It's okay to mess up. Try not to erase too much. Just draw.
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