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Yesterday I did the buttons and buttonholes, with a small detour to
hand-bind the lower buttonhole because past me decided leaving the zipper
tape a bit long inside the waistband would be okay. The metal zipper. Right
where the button hole would be. 🙄I managed to not break a needle, but just
barely. Anyway the shorts look and fit even better with buttons, and I'm
just waiting for a slightly warmer day to take photos outside.

What to sew next? I'm thinking another top, but I should make sure I have
better measurements first.
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I've recently decided that I like listening to stuff when I'm walking/biking/driving. And since a) I don't pay to subscribe to any music streaming services (nor is my private collection very impressive), and b) the speakers in my car are so crappy that playing almost any kind of music on it is an insult to the music, I've been listening to podcasts.

I had gone without listening to things for so long that I had a couple years of backlog of Wait Wait Don't Tell Me to catch up on, which kept me golden for a while, but then I ran out, and started seeking more. I feel like I've struck out way more than I've hit gold, so this post is mostly here to ask for suggestions.

What I like: humor, storytelling, brevity, segments I can start and finish in a typical day's commute (~20-25 minutes one way), nothing too deep as my attention isn't 100% on it at any point and my listening is the first things to go if my brain is preoccupied.

What I don't like: People having a lengthy, unedited conversation. Too much pop culture references that doesn't include me. The wrong kind of humor.

What I've tried:

Wait Wait Don't Tell Me
My favorite podcast that I've listened to for many many years and compare all others to. I like the personalities, I like the humor, I like that it is strictly edited and consistently timed, I like that no single segment in it is very long (even Not My Job is rarely more than 10-15 minutes).

The Moth
My next favorite. The stories are captivating and interesting and emotional and not too long. Just right for a small listening break in my day. The character list is ever changing, but they are basically all people who are picked for being good at storytelling, which is important. If I needed to I could probably just go back into the archives and listen to all of them.

This American Life
Pretty good show by those hipster know-it-alls who talk about how fascinating ordinary people are. I like when humans are shown in detail and made to be complex and sympathetic and Ira Glass does a good job at that. I remember listening to it years ago in the car when I'd flip to NPR and it would be on by chance, and generally enjoyed it then, so I looked it up now. Not much has changed, but it's all new.

Hello Internet
This one breaks all my rules for what I think I should like and yet I kinda do. My older son introduced me to it as something he enjoyed, and we got through a couple episodes on a college commute trip. It is, basically, just two dudes chatting, which I would expect to be bored by, and yet somehow I'm not. I suspect it has to do with the fact that hosts CGP Gray and Brady Haran are both successful YouTubers, and know the art of editing. But I also appreciate that the two of them, even though they seem to have very different personalities with occasionally wildly opposing opinions, obviously get along very well, and their comfort with each other somehow comes across in their shows.

The Ezra Klein Show
I started this because I've read a lot of Ezra Klein interviews and articles that I've liked. I admire his brain and his interviews tend to be with people who are passionate and articulate in ways I want to hear more of. But the interviews are on the long side, and I always find my brain wandering a little. I would probably appreciate these interviews a lot more by spending 10 minutes reading them than an hour listening to them.

Welcome to Night Vale
The premise sounded really good to me, a lot of my friends are in love with it, and I enjoyed it some. I listened to the first 10 episodes to really try to get into it, and while it has some nifty bits, it's just not as appealing to me as I'd hoped. It's non-contiguous enough that while I realize I don't -have- to listen to them all in order, it throws in a few ongoing storylines here and there so that skipping around doesn't seem to make sense. On the upside, each episode is fairly short, so I may go back and try more eventually.

No Dumb Questions
Downloaded because I like Destin Sandlin's work on Smarter Every Day. Unfortunately the one ep I listened to was basically a really long conversation between three people, probably only about 25% of which I found particularly interesting. On the upside, I discovered Emily Graslie and The Brain Scoop, which is vaguely interesting, but I don't think the rest is worthwhile to do it again.

Dear Hank and John
I like the Vlog brothers's personalities and most of their videos that I've seen. And I liked Paper Towns. Unfortunately, like John's books, this show is really aimed towards a much younger audience than me, and although I gave it a few episodes, I found their focus on answering internet questions to be pretty irrelevant to me.

The Daily Show Podcast Without John Stewart
I love the Daily Show, I like the correspondents, I like the editing. This was fun. But there were only 20 episodes, and then it stopped.

Stuff You Should Know
I downloaded this one because it was rated highly and is hosted by writers at HowStuffWorks, which sounded interesting. But it's basically another hour of two people having a conversation and usually not about things that I cared about (or agreed with).

2 Dope Queens
I like both Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson and yet their conversations and joking around just didn't amuse me.

My Brother, My Brother, and Me
Answering inane questions from random listeners or Yahoo (bzzt). An hour of conversation between people I don't know and don't particularly find funny (bzzt). Not going back here.

So, dear Readers. Given these descriptions (or not), what podcasts do you like and you would recommend to me? Heck, I'm even interested in some that feature music, as my headphones are pretty decent.

Lots of slip stitching

Jun. 27th, 2017 10:25 am[personal profile] infryq
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Yesterday I finished the waistband and the hem on the shorts, and now all
that's left is buttons! They fit and they look great. Really proud! Will
post photos soon.
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Yesterday I finished the side seams and crotch seam, installed half the fly
before stalling out on a combination of terrible instructions and
too-narrow seam allowance, ripped it all out and re-did it using a totally
different method which seems to have mostly worked.

We went to the farmers market and got kale, dandelion greens, blueberries,
peaches, sour cherries, a zucchini, and shelling peas.

In the garden, I hilled the second set of potatoes, planted out the okra,
thinned the radishes and carrots, cleared some of the turnips and rutabagas
out of the way that had gone a bit too enthusiastic, and chopped up for
mulch the comfrey stalks that had fallen over. It's way easier to walk
around the beds in there now, there's more light and air getting to the new
seedlings, and the ground is still protected from the sun.

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Jun. 25th, 2017 09:16 pm[personal profile] jcreed
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Tried to go to studio square with K and her parents, but it turned out to be closed. Tried bohemian beer garden instead, got a big ol' meat variety platter, weather was nice, had a good time.
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Yesterday I interfaced, stay-stitched, and sewed pockets and side seams for
the shorts. I pinked all the pocket seam allowances, but I might try a faux
flat-felled finish on the side seams... I mean to prototype that today. Two
loads of laundry, two batches of crackers.

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Jun. 24th, 2017 03:06 pm[personal profile] jcreed
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Some suprising subtlety about constant functions in HoTT:

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Jun. 24th, 2017 12:48 pm[personal profile] jcreed
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Here's a little category-theoretic fact I only learned from reading
around in nlab just now but wish I had years ago:

The condition that characterizes a relation R being a
functional relation is that R is left adjoint to Rop!

I find it stunningly lovely how adjoints appear so deep down in the
most basic definitions --- one you'd encounter in
like day 1 of the standard bedtime story of how all of math
is built up from set theory.

Let's unpack it. Let a relation R : A ↔ B be given. The
triangle-equalities way of saying "R ⊣ Rop" is that there exist

η : 1A → Rop ∘ R
ε : R ∘ Rop → 1B

What's η telling us? For every a ∈ A, there's some b that's the
intermediate-hop witness to (a, a) ∈ Rop ∘ R, but that just means it's
a b such that (a, b) ∈ R and, well, (b, a) ∈ Rop, which is the same
thing. Oh, so R is total; it relates every a to at least one b.

What's ε telling us? For every (b, b') ∈ R ∘ Rop, (b, b') ∈
1B, hence b = b'. But when's (b, b')? Whenever there's an a
such that (b', a) ∈ Rop and (a, b) ∈ R. But that's the same as R
relating a to both b and b'. So ε is just telling us that whenever
a is related to both b and b', they must be equal. R is a partial function!

Hence η and ε together tell us R is a total function.
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Yesterday I finished all the muslin fitting, traced off the remaining
pattern pieces, and cut fashion fabric. Hooray! I'm using some neat map
fabric for the pocket linings that I got from I think the Pittsburgh
Creative Festival this year.

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Jun. 23rd, 2017 08:36 pm[personal profile] jcreed
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So Nuyt has this notion of "bridge", a relation between elements of any type, kind of like paths in the HoTT sense --- except weaker, and weaker even than a notion of directed path. If we call the inhabitants of standard HoTT equality types "symmetric paths", then the kind of univalencey things we apparently expect to happen are
a symmetric path from type A to type Ban equivalence of types A and B
a directed path from type A to type Ba function from A to B
a bridge from type A to type Ba relation on A and B

and anyway it is a peculiarly fascinating notion and seems like it ought to be involved with clarifying what relational parametricity has to do with HoTT.

Also, like, what's the general theory of what concepts can be "univalenced-up" out of data that apply to types generally, (i.e. the first column of the above table) but are magically correlated with useful constructions on types (the second column)?

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Jun. 22nd, 2017 08:35 pm[personal profile] jcreed
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Trying to grok Nuyts's thesis again.

Dark brown heavy linen

Jun. 23rd, 2017 10:51 am[personal profile] infryq
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Yesterday I fussed with inseams and crotch curves a bunch, cutting out
another back muslin and eventually ending up with something I'm happy with.
I still have to double-check the waistband but if that works out I'll be
ready for fashion fabric.
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Hi all, long time no post. A lot has been going on, but I’m finally starting to get on top of things again. I’ve been meaning to write in a bit more depth about some of this, but that want for perfection has been the enemy of the writing anything at all. So, here’s a quick synopsis of what’s been going on in my neck of the woods.

Both of L’s parents passed away. We’ve known this was coming, but it’s still hard of course. L was out there for a bit over a month taking care of her mom. They died very close together, so we ended up having a single combined service. I was out there for about a week helping to wrap things up before whisking L back home.

I finally got back the results of the genetics test. Turns out I don’t have Loeys–Dietz, or at least not the same genetic variant my mother did. But I definitely have something. So it’s back to the diagnostic swamp trying to figure out how to give it a name so that doctors’ll take it seriously. Current working hypothesis is hypermobility-type Ehlers–Danlos. Alas, “hypermobility-type” is medical jargon for “we have no idea what this is, but it kinda looks similar to the forms of Ehlers–Danlos we do know stuff about, so let’s call it that.” So, yeah, no medical tests to “prove” that’s what it is; just your usual game of convincing folks you have enough of the symptoms to match the syndrome.

I’ve been getting used to paying attention to my ADHD and working with it rather than trying to plow through it. It helps a lot to recognize that it’s not a failing on my part (e.g., that I can’t focus on boring things for as long as other people) but rather just part of how I’m wired. That makes it a lot easier to stop beating myself up over things, and instead figure out better ways to work with my brain rather than trying to force it into a shape it won’t take. As I’ve gotten better at this I’ve finally started getting caught up on a bunch of things that’ve fallen to the wayside over the past few years.

For example, I’m slowly getting caught up on the backlog of bug reports and feature requests for my various Haskell packages. Mostly been focusing on logfloat and unification-fd so far, but will make it around to the others in time. So, if you sent me an email about some bug or feature over the past few years and it seems to have fallen into the void, consider filing a ticket.

Still working on getting caught up to where I should be on my dissertation.

Work has also been going excellently. It’s all seekrit and nonsense, so I can’t say too much about it. But lately I’ve been doing a bunch of work on characterizing families of mathematical objects, and discovering their symmetries so we can exploit them to simplify and optimize things. So lots of mathy goodness going on. It’s a bit more geometric and combinatorial than my usual algebraic fare, but it’s the sort of stuff that arises from algebraic structures so it’s not too far from home base. (If that doesn’t make sense to you, maybe take a look at Brent Yorgey’s thesis to see an example of the connection between combinatorics and algebraic data types.) Plus, it helps that I’ve been getting to know some of the hella queer ladies who work in my building :)

In other health-y news, round about the time I got officially diagnosed with ADHD I had a bunch of friends going on about what the symptoms of allism (aka non-autism) are. Though I have a bunch of autistic friends, I’ve never really known much about what autism’s really like because all the literature is written by allistic folks, for allistic folks, so they’re all “patient has underdeveloped/insufficient blah” and I’m like “according to what baseline? How much blah does it take to count as having ‘sufficient’ blah? What are diagnostic details for measuring how much blah you really have?” So I finally got to hear some details from the autistic side of the fence, where people actually explain shit and elucidate the differences. And based on that: I’m hella not allistic. I can (and should! and have been meaning to!) write a whole separate post on this topic. I’m still not entirely sure I feel comfortable adopting “autistic” label (for reasons which are, themselves, further symptoms of autism), because my experiences don’t match up perfectly with some of the parts of what is traditionally called “autism”, but I’m absolutely non-allistic. I think the spectrum of non-allism is far larger and more diverse than allistic people currently believe, but —again— a post for another time.

Saw a rabbit in the yard

Jun. 22nd, 2017 10:27 am[personal profile] infryq
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Yesterday I sewed a muslin for the shorts, and found the waist too big,
tight across the quads, and tons of extra fabric at the back leg. I've
redrawn the side seams, inseams and crotch curves for the main pattern
pieces; the waistband is next and then we'll see how much I can fix on the
muslin without having to unpick too many seams. Doing adjustments on a
pattern with seam allowances is a huge pain.

P brought garlic, lettuce, beet greens and lemon thyme back from the
garden. The garlic is hilariously out on the clothesline. The thyme went
into the dehydrator along with the day's dye flowers (hollyhock, marigold,
and coreopsis).

M's surgery seems to have gone well though they've extended her sling time
from 5 to 6 weeks because they did some surprise extra repairs while they
were in there. So glad she decided to do it now instead of waiting until
after we visit; that would have been very tight!

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Jun. 21st, 2017 09:49 pm[personal profile] jcreed
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Sally came out to astoria so we hung out a bit. Banh mi at district saigon was amaaaaazing. Cracked open the MELL-is-decidable paper from 2015 that a Mysterious Academic Friend With Connections sent me, but haven't digested it yet.
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Yesterday I completed the adjustments for the waistband pieces of the
shorts pattern, planted out the sweet potato slips and round one of summer
squash seeds, and got my teeth cleaned at the dentist.
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Yesterday I finished all the adjustments for the shorts pattern front and
back, and am now tracing off final versions and applying the changes to the
pocket pieces.

It wasn't raining yet when I got home, so I planted out the Malabar spinach
seedlings and two varieties of pole beans, pulled some radishes and turnip
greens, and beheaded the marigolds. It rained nicely after dinner so I
didn't even have to water anything in.

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Jun. 19th, 2017 06:39 pm[personal profile] jcreed
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Hot today, thunderstorms. Giving the math a break and switching back to working on a dumb react toy.
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Yesterday the Lowes delivery truck dropped off a bunch of building stock,
all for me! I built and installed 5 trellis panels. I think I had planned
for 6, but there's only room for 5 in the garden now, plus I apparently
didn't write down that I'd planned to make them all 7 feet tall instead of
8 feet so here we are. I'd also included stock for a flax break and a
platform for the rain barrels but I was pretty worn out so that will wait
for another day.

I made more crackers, with the note that tapioca starch makes them more
prone to chewy rather than crispy, but they're still good.

I ran through my set of pattern adjustments for the back bodice, but am
stymied by the interaction between my cross back measurement, back armscye,
shoulder seam, and back length to bustline. Everything was great until I
got to the armscye length, which is absolutely correct (I had P check both
that and my cross back) but is far too long to fit in the box between the
shoulder point, bustline, and cross back. I've put it in time out.

I'd meant to plant beans and Malabar spinach, but between the sun and the
delayed food schedule I'd wound up on from trellis construction I wasn't
really up to it.

After a late dinner I put a half hour into rough-cutting and ironing the
shorts pattern I got in one of the fabric orders last week. This is
Maritime Shorts by Grainline Studio. I'm tracing off a size 2 most places
and grading to a size 4 at the waist, then seeing if there are any
adjustments to do aside from swapping in my standard waistband.

drifting fires of orange flowers

Jun. 18th, 2017 01:41 pm[personal profile] blk
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First ripe raspberry of the year was today, June 18, one day later than last year.

May flowers were purple and pink. The last week of May and the first week of June I have almost no flowers. Then starting in June I have orange and yellow from the daylilies and coreopsis. There's been a ton of rain lately which the gardens have loved. The weeds have also loved it, too. Yesterday I weeded some places that had gotten a little out of hand, including the painted sidewalk. I'd thought that the paver base and sand was supposed to keep stuff from growing there, but I guess some weeds don't need much.

I planted some chard plants late and just transplanted some teeny squash plants from the compost. They've gotten a late start but are still alive. I'll see if they're still around next month.

Orange lilies half blooming.



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