yesterday i learned two new games.

1. "google ghost": designate one person to type things in to a google search bar. go around in a circle. the first person says a word, with optional space character after it. then you proceed around the circle, each person saying a character (usually a letter or space). the typist enters each utterance into the search bar, and as soon as google suggest has no suggestions, the person who said the last character loses and picks the next start-word. the best part is hearing all of the pruned-away suggestions every time someone picks a branch.

2. "add-on": another climbing game, sort of like the dual of climbing-horse, where people take turns making moves and simon-says-style repeating all previous moves and adding one at the end. have not actually tried this one yet.
climbed for a long time today. majority of time was spent playing the climbing-"horse" game, where you pick a VB (very easy route) and try to do it with fewer holds than the person before you until no one can do better.

seminar was awesome today, because we discovered that the well-known classic result known as the church-rosser theorem, as originally described and proved in church and rosser's "some properties of conversion", is in fact describing properties of a "strict" lambda calculus where bound variables must occur in the body, and some of the central results are in fact false with the admission of such functions (most clearly seen from considering [λ_.M] Ω, which has a normal form that's not finitely reachable via all reduction paths). crazy!



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